Learn Your Clients. Connect with Investors. Identify Opportunity.

Learn Whether Your New Client Is A Qualified Buyer In Seconds

Mashvisor, the preeminent online software for locating Airbnb and Traditional rental properties, recently rolled out its new “Lead Analytics Software.” This software supplements basic information about your clients, like their name and address, with hundreds of known data points about the client in order to analyze whether the client will purchase a property in the immediate future. Mashvisor software further assists you by recommending the most appropriate properties for each client.

Connect With Investors

Mashvisor.com is home to tens of thousands of real estate investors searching for short and long-term rental properties to purchase. Our Agent Program allows top producing agents and brokers in major cities to connect with the investors on Mashvisor’s platform when they request to speak with someone about purchasing a property.

Identify Opportunity

You can further use Mashvisor to identify cash flow positive properties for clients and highlight the investment potential of your listed properties. Mashvisor’s unique “heat maps” feature showcases the hottest rental neighborhoods in all major cities, providing easy identification of the top investment areas. Agents and brokers may also feature listings on the Mashvisor site – these will be the first listings investors see during their search.

[Videos of our platform are available at https://www.mashvisor.com/support-videos]

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Reach out to us at advisor@mashvisor.com to get started!

How to Get Set Up & Choose This and Other ListHub Publishers

  1. Brokers: Create your free ListHub Account or log in to your existing account.
  2. Click the “Publishers” tab and then “Publisher Choices” to choose publisher websites where you wish to send your listings. If you chose “Maximum Marketing” when you created your ListHub account, your listings will automatically be sent to all publishers.