Selection Process

ListHub hand selects publishers for inclusion in the ListHub network. Online publishers are selected based on the value they bring to brokers. Our company receives inquiries from hundreds of companies each year who wish to become a recipient of broker listings via the ListHub platform, and fewer than one in ten are found to be eligible based on our stringent vetting process.

Ultimately the publisher must agree to a contract that contains very specific terms around the management and use of the brokers’ listing data in their system. Those companies that do not offer any consumer advertising value to the brokers on behalf of their clients are deemed ineligible immediately.

Contract Terms

ListHub has agreements in place with our publishers to provide consistent protections for members’ listing data. ListHub has worked with the industry, including brokers, MLSs, consultants and others, to identify the core values and expectations that listing content owners have with respect to the use of their listing information when syndicated to a third party website. This feedback has been fundamental in creating the following benefits and protections, which are provided by ListHub’s current publisher agreement:

Some of the core tenets that exist today in the ListHub Publisher agreements:

  • Listing data may only be used for consumer display
  • Restrictions on use of listing data for any derivative works or other non- display uses
  • Listing data may not be used after it is off-market
  • The content owner maintains all Intellectual Property rights
  • Publisher must display a set of minimum fields including price, address, broker name, etc.
  • Publisher must accept a broker-authorized, MLS-sourced listing as the highest ranking listing feed and cannot overwrite this data with listing data from a third party
  • In cases where consumer leads are routed to the listing broker or agent, these leads must be delivered specifically to the email address designated by the broker as the lead email address (exceptions exist related to paid agent lead products)
  • Publisher may not re-syndicate or distribute listing data to any third party – Publisher may have rights to power the search on a third party site if authorized in the agreement
  • Publisher must update site at least daily
  • Publisher must provide notice for any changes to its terms and conditions
  • Publisher shall abide by any state laws regarding display of real estate content
  • Publisher must provide error logs for any listing that is not accepted, and provide a direct URL for any listing that is accepted
  • Publisher must provide search impressions, detail views, and lead data for all listings (most use ListHub’s java script tracking technology but a limited few still provide file-based metrics on a daily basis)
  • Brokers have right to opt-out at any time (no long-term commitment)
  • Publishers must use the currently supported version of the RETS syndication specification

Brokers should be encouraged to provide their listing data to publishers through a managed, online advertising platform that provides participants with guidelines for the use of their data. Brokers who use other platforms or provide their data directly without an agreement in place are subject to the publishers’ broad terms of use that do not provide adequate protections for the listing data. Most of the publisher website’s Terms of Use grant the publisher full and perpetual rights to the listing content with no limit on the way the listing data can be used. The ListHub contract supersedes the publishers Terms of Use and limits the scope of use for the listing data. Many listing distribution services are just now considering these contractual terms and protections but ListHub is far ahead of the curve in this respect.