How Does the “British Exit” Affect You?

Implications of Brexit on U.S. Real Estate


On June 23, Brexit, the abbreviation of the “British exit,” became a reality. Though the separation has not legally taken place yet, the referendum by British voters to exit the European Union has already had major economic effects. reported:

The business outlook darkened by the most in four years, according to a survey published on July 11 when there were also fresh signs of a fall in consumer spending and a slowing of economic activity in London.

Another survey, published on July 8 showed consumer morale suffered its biggest drop in more than five years after the referendum, echoing other signs of a hit to confidence since the vote.

Brexit has not only provoked uncertainty among European consumers, but has caused a stir among real estate professionals within the United States. Will Brexit give U.S. real estate a boost or have adverse effects?

Download and share our infographic on the positive and negative implications of Brexit below:


The vote to exit the European Union will continue to impact global markets, and the long-term effects on U.S. real estate may vary in the future. As explained by Jonathan Smoke:

Those already winning in the real estate market are getting a bigger boost from Brexit. Sellers in the right locations and price points will continue to have the upper hand as investors and first-time buyers fight for limited inventory. Well-qualified buyers will be able to capitalize on historically low mortgage rates.

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