3 Strategies to Deal with Unrealistic Sellers

Navigating Difficult Client Situations

All agents know what it’s like to have a seller that questions the price they’ve determined for a listing. This video shares 3 strategies that can help when faced with this sometimes difficult situation:

There are many tools you can use to help demonstrate your real estate expertise and let your clients know that you have the knowledge necessary to make the best pricing decisions for their home. ListHub Reports can be a great resource for insights on listing performance and how similar listings are performing in the market, allowing you to provide clients with valuable data on why you’re choosing a certain price for their home. These reports can also be used to help you keep your seller clients apprised of what you’re doing to market their property once it’s live.

Other market reports, like Market Snapshot, can be powerful tools to demonstrate local statistics that are relevant to your seller clients like: average days on market, average sold price, and more, to give your sellers context about what is going on in their neighborhood.

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