2017 Goal Setting

Turbocharge Your Performance Results with this 90 Day Process

With a new year often come new goals and renewed motivation to achieve them!

However, how many times have you set an annual goal for yourself and filed it away, never to be looked at (much less achieved) again?

The “90 Day Year” goal achievement system, created by renowned Peak Performance Coach Todd Herman,  empowers you to turbo-charge performance and even surpass your goals by utilizing a much more manageable time period – 90 days! This goal setting approach works because the finish line is in sight, it’s short enough to keep motivation high, plus it lessens procrastinating behavior that so often happens with longer term, annual goals.

Try out this abbreviated process and see how it works for you!

Step One: Pick a theme

What will your overarching theme be for the next 90 days?  What is your focus going to be?  What do you want to accomplish?

Sample themes include generating revenue, improving your brand visibility, or building your team. Your theme provides clarity and purpose for the 90 day period and it helps you in the next step in the process: setting your goals.

There are three types of goals utilized in this process:

O – Outcome Goals
P – Performance Goals
P – Process Goals

Step Two:  Define your Outcome Goals

Here are the qualities of an outcome goal:

  • The goal is measurable with a number attached to it.
  • You can’t exactly control it, but can you CAN make it more likely with “performance goals” (more on that next).
  • You only want to have 1-3 outcome goals in any given 90 day period in order to stay focused.
  • This goal is FIXED and FIRM for the next 90 days.  Resist the desire to change it!
  • Outcome goals are typically in these 3 categories:
    • Sales and Growth
    • Profits and Revenue
    • Building your Brand

Examples of outcome goals would be to achieve a revenue goal of $20,000, sign 2 listing clients, or add 25 buyer prospects to your email list.

  • Lastly, what’s your KEY STRATEGY to get there?  Key strategies can be things like increasing your online presence, lead generation, or building a strong referral network.  The idea is to clarify what your primary strategy or strategies will be to help you reach your goal.

Step Three:  Define your Performance Goals

Once you’ve identified your outcome goal(s), it’s time to define your performance goals.

Performance goals are those things that support the achievement of your outcome goals.  Think of these as your key performance indicators (KPIs).

  • Ask “What could I increase or improve to make my outcome goal more likely?”
  • These  goals are generally activities or improvements that you can CONTROL.
  • You will have multiple performance goals over the course of your 90 days.
  • Examples of performance goals include:
    • Increase my number of daily sales calls from X to Y.
    • Increase the number of listing appointments I schedule from X to Y.
    • Increase my social media posts to 7x a week.
    • Improve my Agent Profile on realtor.com to include a strong bio and testimonials.

Tackle each performance goal in a “two week sprint.”  A two week sprint involves using your energy to accomplish one performance goal at a time over the course of two weeks, dramatically increasing your power of focus and ultimately your productivity.  It won’t always take two weeks – sometimes you may accomplish a goal sooner and sometimes it may take longer – but the idea is to harness the power of laser beam focus and avoid scattered energy.

Step Four:  Define your Process Goals

Finally, follow up your performance goals with process goals.  Process goals are simply the tasks that it takes to complete your performance goals.

  • Examples of process goals include:
    • Block “power hour” time on my calendar to follow up with leads (10 to 11am M-F)
    • Reach out to your past clients to ask for referrals
    • Create/update your agent bio on realtor.com

By taking the time to structure and execute your 90 day outcome goals, performance goals, and process goals,  2017 could be your highest producing year yet!

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